Although this is only a one photo blog I wanted to chat a bit about a new addition to my workflow - Topaz Studio. I've tried a lot of RAW editors for Fuji and up to this point really enjoyed using the Skylum products - and I still do for the most part. However, my style of post production is very detail oriented - I like exposing deep (but natural) contrast and details in my work. This is what I feel makes up my photo style. I always felt that I had to settle for the (comparatively small) amount of control that these packages gave me. Now, with Topaz, I find that I have complete control to creating the exact look I want yet keep the photo very lifelike - my goal is to give the viewer the impression that they are living the experience the photo is showing them. So as a test I took the shot below at a friends wedding. The environment was pretty demanding as the mid-afternoon sun was blowing out the stain glass windows and the church itself was quite dark. I couldn't set up a tripod and interrupt the services - I could only sneak around quickly and quietly. I took this shot on my Fuji X-H1 hand-held at the back of the church. I deliberately took the shot a tad underexposed for the highlights. Back home I put this photo through my new workflow that includes Adobe Bridge (for a DAM), Iridient X-Transformer (RAW Developer) and Topaz Studio. I was super happy with the results!

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