Cuba was my first trip with my brand new Fuji X-H1. I was so excited to take this camera on a trip that I knew was going to be highly mobile - in other words we never stop walking. I wasn't sure what to expect of the country as it was my first time there. However,  I was in good hands, as I went with a wonderful photographer named David Barbour. Dave had been to Cuba photographing Havana something like 26 times.  Shortly after getting there I decided that my theme of the trip was going to be  “Cuba in Motion”, My thought was to aim for vivid colours and enhanced structure while showing some subtle type of blurred motion in each photo.  Slow exposures were going to test out the 5-axis stabilization of the X-H1 and were mostly hand held. All photo's were taken with my trusty (and favourite) 16-55mm f2.8 lens. Here are the results of my trip.

The camera performed perfectly on the trip. Although I thought it might be big compared to my X-T2 it handled the same and took no more effort to hold or pack it. Amazing! On a side note, the group I was with walked almost 20km each day - with each step I was so happy to have my Peak Design "everyday pack" with me. It's my goto pack for all my "non-hiking" trips now!

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