This summer I got into biking (bicycle) in a big way. It started out by buying a new custom built urban/lite touring bike. Then comes all the gadgets that I love. Then comes the challenge - train for a 3-day event. I honestly had no idea how long each day would be or how many hills we would have to climb; but at the end of the first day having gone more than 80km and climbing more than a mile I thought I'd die. Luckily the friend I went with (who is darn near a professional cyclist) was tired too. I felt much better and survived the next two days - it was an amazing experience.

But it wasn't all about biking. The countryside we biked through and the bourbon distilleries that we visited were amazing photo opportunities. So I packed a small camera setup in my MindShift photo backpack that included my Fuji X-H1 with my XF 16-55mm f2.8 lens, a Profoto A1 with it's stand and the flash controller. Of course I had to save room for my hydration bladder, bike pump and spare tire accessories. The whole kit was super easy to carry and the flash came in super handy in the distilleries - a great combination!

I can't wait for next years Bourbon Country Burn! An amazing ride and amazing people!

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