I had been to Winnipeg a number of times over the past few years but I've never taken any photo's before this trip. I had an afternoon and evening free one day and I decided to give myself a photo challenge - take only a camera and one lens through the city and see what I could come up with. Usually my photos and ideas for a certain place materialize over a number of days but here I didn't have the time so I thought my personal challenge would be a fun way to see the city. Also, it wasn't that long ago that I picked up the Fuji X-H1 so I wanted to see what I could do with the IBIS especially considering the Fuji 16-55mm lens doesn't have any OIS. Since it was late afternoon when I decided to start I also thought it would be a great time to see how good the low light performance of the camera was.  Just to add a bit more challenge to my day I decided that I'd take the bus around town. So around 2PM I headed out - some of my results are below!

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