Well I must say that PEI exceeded my expectations of how beautiful and peaceful a place in Canada could be. This was my first trip to PEI and it was short - only a long weekend. My goal was to see as much diversity in the island as possible and try to capture that in photo's. That was no easy task as there is so much to see and do. I knew almost immediately that someday I would have to return so in this trip I concentrated on landscape/seascape photos. This trip I brought a small kit consisting of my Fuji X-T2, my Fuji 16mm prime lens and my very versatile Fuji 18-135mm zoom. I know a lot of folks talk about the 18-135mm not being sharp and having issue - but to my eye it's a wonderful travel lens, that, although not as sharp as the 16-55mm lens is almost as good on all but the biggest of prints. I wanted to convey the grandeur of the island so most of my landscape shots were using my fuji 16mm prime. I also mixed in the zoom lens for some of the colourful boating pics that I just couldn't physically get close enough to. I post produced them with a slight HDR look to increase the impact and beauty. Enjoy!

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