I was so excited to hike the Inca trail in Peru. Destination hiking was somewhat new to me and my last experience had been the Grand Canyon hike. Inca provided some additional challenges such as more extreme altitudes, wet weather and the need for highly efficient packing. I was extremely limited in the gear that I could take so I settled on my Fuji X-T2 and the 18-135mm lens. Thank god both the camera and lens were weather sealed as it was super cloudy on the high terrain and it also rained a lot during the trip. By now I was getting to know my McHale backpack well and had it equipped with a good range of Peak Design clips that were worth their weight in gold. This was definitely a learning experience for me with adventure photography since I totally didn't bring a good filter combination - now I don't leave for a trip like this without a great polarizing filter - could have really used it here! Here is a scattering of photos from the trip both on the trail and in some of the small towns. I loved the fact that you met a lot of local folks how were super friendly and very helpful; both on the trail and in preparation for the hike. Coco leaves are your best friend here!

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